Bespoke Repairs Security Height Barriers

Fencing repairs can often be troublesome as the materials required may no longer be available or the item is a bespoke item specifically made for the area it is sited. Non- standard fabricated metal products are often impossible to replace as no record exists of the manufacturer.

Bespoke Repairs Security Height Barriers

The Havering Fencing Co has the experience and expertise to repair most damages on-site at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can source a wide variety of products to replace those not readily available. In the examples shown, a repair was carried out to enhanced the security of a client’s height barrier. The barrier was constantly being attacked by fly-tippers requiring access to an area to illegally dump waste. In the other example below, a section of the railing was destroyed in a road traffic accident. We used our expert knowledge to reproduce a new section of railing to perfectly match the existing railings.

Bespoke Fence Repairs

We also stock many types of pre-fabricated materials that are no longer produced. These can be altered or adapted to assist with the repair of your damaged fencing or gates. See our salvaged stock page for a review of some of the other items stocked. The salvage stock item can also be sold as supply only items to our customers.

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