Timber Products Notice

Please Note the Following in Relation to Timber Products

All softwood timber supplied by us unless otherwise specified is unseasoned mixed species fencing grade. This is the general standard for all fencing timbers and as a natural product it is likely to split, twist, crack and warp. Small splits will occur around some of the nails after manufacture this is due to natural shrinkage. Freshly installed timber should be dampened down with water in very hot and sunny conditions until it has naturally seasoned to try and reduce the movement in the timbers. Some movement and shrinkage will occur. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange products affected by these types of natural movements. If any component actually breaks, due to natural movement (not accidental or intentional damage) and affects the integrity of your fencing we will of course exchange it, but the component must not have been tampered with in anyway i.e. painted, cut, holed or marked in anyway.

Most modern fencing timber treatments are water based and when applied will not always colour the timber uniformly, this is due to different species of timber absorbing the treatment at different rates and the colour is also affected by the moisture and sap content of the timber. On some timber green and or white spotting is present these are specks of resin from the timber that are on the surface of the timber and have been dyed by the preservative; it is not detrimental and will eventually weather off. Over the first few weeks of its life the colour fades due to U.V. light and the inconsistencies are less noticeable, however as the timber is a natural product we do not consider colour inconsistency a fault but rather a natural occurring process that we have no control over. We therefore cannot exchange goods because of colour inconsistency.

Biocidal Products Regulations EU No. 528/2012

Permawood ACQ 1900 contains Copper Oxide and Benzalkonium Chloride; therefore, when handling any treated product you should always wear gloves and wash your hands before handling any food item. You should also avoid breathing in any dust when cutting or sanding any treated product. Please dispose of any off-cuts responsibly and do not burn.