Timber Arris & Cant Rails

At The Havering Fencing Company, we supply & stock both 3.0M (10ft) Timber Arris & Cant Rails. Both are ideal for when creating a run of continuous fencing from feather edge boards. Our stock Arris Rails can be fitted using our arris rail brackets or cut into posts for a more traditional appearance. And our stock Cant Rails can be bolted directly onto a recessed concrete post. All our stock rails come pressure-treated to ensure a longer life and extra durability.

Timber Gravel Boards

Our stock timber Gravel Boards are used for the protective barrier between the ground and your fence. The board is used to prevent direct contact with your fence panel and the damp or wet earth. At The Havering Fencing Company, we stock both the 6ft & 10ft Timber Gravel Boards. The 10ft board is used mainly with traditional featheredge boarded fencing, while the 6ft boards are used for our standard garden fence panels.

Sawn Softwood Pine Posts

At The Havering Fencing Company, we stock a range of Sawn Softwood Timber Pine Posts which are available in a variety of different types and sizes. Each post comes pressure-treated to enhance resistance against rot. If for some reason we don’t stock the size or type you are looking for? we can have any lengths and thickness manufactured at the customer’s request.